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Guided tour of Pathalizer - Running

  1. First, go to the download page and get Pathalizer, the example access.log, and any prerequisites you might need.
  2. Install the prerequisites
  3. Start Pathalizer, and add the example access.log to the logfile list
  4. This logfile contains the logs for a vhost that is reachable under Add that to the Hostnames list.
  5. First, we will check that the logfile is properly converted to events.
    • Go to the Output tab
    • select events as output option
    • hit Start.
    You should get a notepad with a line for each hit or referrer.
  6. Now also observe there are several names for the `home page'. We add a `unify' for this:
    • Go to the Filter tab
    • Go to advanced filtering
    • Click Add Target.. and name it HOME PAGE.
    • Select the HOME PAGE node
    • Add ^/$ and ^/wiki\.pl\?WxWiki$ to this node
  7. Now, you can generate pretty pictures in various formats from the Output tab
by Arnout `raboof' Engelen, arnouten at