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  • If you want a poster of the output of Pathalizer, use the 'poster' tool. With the command poster -p3x3A4, I generated this poster.
  • the Webalizer - very well-known and scalable web server log file analysis. Geared towards webserver usage more than site usage.


I think it'd be good if open-source programs would link to each other more, making clear how a certain program fills a niche not covered by other programs, and aiding a user to easily find alternatives to make a good choice. So here goes:
  • where pathalizer shows you what paths your users actually take, the PHP Traverser (among other things) looks at your directory structure to see where your users could go.
  • visitors, also using Graphviz
  • apache2dot is a more lightweigt but also less powerful application like Pathalizer, which also uses Graphviz.
  • hypKNOWsys seems over-engineered, but interesting
  • statviz
Commercial applications:
I found out about these apps early 2005, long after much of Pathalizer was in place. There's no IP theft here :)
  • weblogexpert generates a lot of data, but the path analysis is limited
  • SawMill a lot of data, represents paths as a tree rather than a graph. Not as insightful as Pathalizer imho.
  • Advanced Log Analyser Even more crude.
  • WebFlux, a French analyser in Flash. Looks nice and, well, flashy, but doesn't seem to work well here.
  • VBIS
Pathalizer is listed in the Webmaster Tool Collection
by Arnout `raboof' Engelen, arnouten at